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Source Title Composer Printer Publication Year
(Title lost) Michael Cavendish Peter Short 1598
A Booke of Ayres Philip Rosseter Peter Short 1601
A Musicall Banquet Robert Dowland Thomas Adams 1610
A Musicall Dreame or The Fourth Booke of Ayres Robert Jones John Windet 1609
A Pilgrimes Solace John Dowland Thomas Snodham 1612
Ayres Alfonso Ferrabosco Thomas Snodham 1609
Ayres to Sing and Play to the Lute and Basse Violl William Corkine William Stansby 1610
Booke of Ayres with a Triplicitie of Musicke John Bartlet John Windet 1606
First Booke of Ayres Thomas Morley William Barley 1600
First Part of Ayres Tobias Hume John Windet 1605

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